White Sauce Pasta : without refined flour

White Sauce Pasta is one of my favorite Italian recipes and my go to recipe whenever I feel like eating something rich, creamy and cheesy. When the husband requests for his favorite pasta dish which is coincidentally my favorite too, the answer can never be a No. And hence this is how our dinner story finished yesterday. This white sauce pasta recipe uses whole wheat flour for the sauce. I got this tip of using Whole wheat flour instead of refined flour from my co sister a couple of years back and since then there is no looking back. I also wanted to try whole wheat pasta along with some durum wheat pasta and I should say the result was yummy. I have used some cheese and mayonnaise for the extra cheesy effect in the recipe. You can feel free to skip those two however, I strongly recommend adding both if you really wish to indulge.

White Sauce or Bechamel Sauce is one of the classic sauce recipes of Italian cuisine and is extremely easy to make. You can subsitute stir fried veggies instead of pasta and creamy veggie salad is ready. The sauce primarily uses butter,flour and milk in the ratio of 2 tbsp:2 tbsp: 1 cup. I have added extra milk to make it saucy and delectable. With a final touch of some oregano and chilli flakes or mixed italian herbs, this dish is sure to be a winner.

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Preparation method of White Sauce Pasta

Serves: 2

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Whole Wheat Pasta + Durum Wheat Pasta: 2 cups
Butter: 2 tbsp
Onions: 2 finely sliced
Whole Wheat Flour: 2 tbsp
Milk: 2 cups + as needed
Cheese: 1/2 slice
Mayonnaise: 1 tbsp
Chilli Flakes + Oregano: as needed
Salt: to taste

1. Boil pasta in enough water in a large pan with enough salt. Cook till the pasta is al dente ( not too soft nor too firm). Takes around 11 to 12 minutes. Drain, wash with cold water and keep aside.
2. For the sauce, heat another pan. Add some butter and once it melts. Add finely sliced onions and saute till they turn translucent.
3. Now add the flour and saute for 2 minutes.
4. When the flour has mixed well, add the milk and mix well so that there are no lumps formed. The whole mass will start becoming saucy and thick. You can add more milk if required according to the consistency that you would like to have.
5. Add the pasta and enough salt for the sauce and mix well.
6. Immediately add the cheese slice and mayonnaise and mix well.
7. Sprinkle chilli flakes and oregano and serve hot.

1. You could add finely sliced capsicum and sweet corn too. This should be done after the onions turn translucent. do not over cook the capsicum but the crunch needs to be retained.
2. Cheese and mayonnaise are optional.
3. The milk quantity can be adjusted according to consistency. If you feel the sauce is very thick, you can add extra milk after adding pasta.

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