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sabudana khichdi1

Sabudana Khichdi/Sago Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi or Sago Khichdi  is the recipe for today. The name reminds me of the fond memories of having this Sabudana Khichdi in Shirdi a couple of years back. I remember eating this at the hotel we stayed and I should say I instantly fell in love with this...

Curry leaf idli

Curry Leaf Idli | Karuvepillai Idli | Kadi Patha ki Idli

Curry Leaf Idli: Hope you guys liked my previous mushroom gravy recipe. Todays recipe will be an easy and healthy idli recipe from my mother in law’s cookbook. It is the yummy curry leaf idli/ Karuvepillai Idli. She is someone who makes a lot of different idlis like Kambu/Bajra Idli,...

Ragi Semiya 2

Ragi Semiya Upma

Today’s recipe is the healthy Ragi Semiya or Ragi Vermicelli Upma recipe. To be honest, I hate any kind of upma but somehow these variety and healthy semiya upmas like this Ragi Semiya Upma have escaped my wrath. Given the fact that is super easy to prepare and very healthy...

Aval Pongal/ Pongal with Poha – a new variety of Pongal!!

Aval Pongal/ Pongal with Poha – a new variety of Pongal!!

I had already posted the recipe for Ven pongal or the normal pongal that is made with rice a few days back. So much is my love for Pongal that I want to try out with different bases. My first try with Daliya/ Broken Wheat was super yummy. And now...

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