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Brinjal Fry 2

Brinjal Fry/Baingan Fry/Vankaya Fry

Hello readers, I hope all of you are doing very well. Today’s recipe will be a very simple Brinjal Fry|Vankaya Fry|Kathirikai Varuval|Baingan Fry. Too many names for this humble vegetable called Brinjal. This is a long pending post and I really wanted to click some decent pictures this time and...

Cauliflower roast

Best Cauliflower roast on stove top!!

Post updated with latest picture 🙂 I am back with a new recipe and today it is Cauliflower Roast. I love anything that is roasted , the best being potatoes (check out how to make the perfect potato fry here) and the second being cauliflower or gobi. Cauliflower is one...

Masala Egg Roast/Muttai Varuval

Masala Egg Roast/Muttai Varuval

I can never ever get bored of eggs literally. I love them 🙂 And what would you say if you have a life partner with the same taste – LUCK isn’t it? Yes, pure luck. Both of us love eggs and I have mentioned this so many times in this...

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