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Potato Sagu/Poori Sagu/Aloo Sagu: Well, the title of the post is clear enough to mention about the recipe that is posted below. Yes, it is poori sagu or potato sagu that my mother makes. This is a Karnataka special recipe and I have not checked the authentic recipe online, so, I am not sure how close or far is this recipe from the traditional one. But, I should mention that it is super tasty. Mom makes it often for pooris and akki rotis. The best match for akki rotis I would say. Yesterday’s dinner was akki roti and I was casually asking the husband on what he needs for sides and he immediately said, he wanted Sagu that his mother in law makes. I have not prepared it till now and hence an immediate call and the recipe was in my hands. And in a few minutes, the dish was ready and we gobbled it up to our satisfaction. However, I could not click any step by step pictures as I was in a hurry to make it for dinner.

Potato Sagu is a very simple recipe to make and the main tasks involved will be boiling the potatoes and blending of few spices. It pairs so well with the mild akki rotis and also with idlis and dosas. Of course, as the name suggests, best with poori too.


potato sagu

Preparation Method for Potato Sagu/Poori Sagu:

Serves: 4
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes


Potatoes – 2 medium
Onions – 2 medium
Tomatoes – 2 medium
Coconut – 1/4 cup
Roasted Gram/ Pottukadalai/ Dalia – 2 tbsp
Tamarind – piece bigger than a marble
Salt – as needed
Oil- 2 tbsp
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

To dry roast:
Coriander seeds – 1.5 tbsp
Dry Red Chillies – 5
Cloves/Lavangam – 3
Cinnamon stick – a small piece
Fennel seeds/Sombhu/Saunf – 1 tsp


1. Pressure cook potatoes for 4-5 whistles or till soft. Peel and chop to small pieces. Set aside.

2. Dry Roast the ingredients given under the “to dry roast” section till they give out a nice aroma. Let it cool down and blend with 1/4 cup coconut and 2 tbsp roasted gram.

3. Heat a tbsp of oil in a pan. Saute onions till they turn golden brown. Next, add tomatoes till mushy. Allow to cool and blend with the above paste.

4. Heat remaining oil and temper mustard. Add the spice and onion-tomato paste.

5. Add enough water, tamarind extract and required salt. Let it come to boil. Next, add potatoes and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.


1. The consistency of the gravy can be adjusted according to preference by adding more or less water. It becomes thick on cooling and hence can be adjusted accordingly.
2. Jaggery or sugar can be added at the last if required.

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