How to make Palak Moong Dal Dosa – No fermentation

Palak Moong Dal Dosa

I am back with a breakfast recipe for the day – Moong Dal Dosa that requires no fermentation. Usually, people in south india or specifically Andhra Pradesh make moong dal dosa with whole green moong. That is called Pesarattu and is a very popular breakfast item in Andhra Pradesh. However, I have used yellow moong … Read moreHow to make Palak Moong Dal Dosa – No fermentation

Adai Recipe with millet and drumstick leaves

millet moringa adai recipe

Today’s post will be an adai recipe. Adai is a very common recipe in South India and you might be thinking what is so special about this recipe. This adai recipe uses no rice and is extremely nutritious as it uses millet and drumstick leaves/moringa leaves. I would say this is the ultimate nutrition package. … Read moreAdai Recipe with millet and drumstick leaves

Mudakathan Keerai Dosa | Balloon Vine Leaves Dosa

mudakathan keerai dosa

Mudakathan Keerai Dosa – Simple, delicious and healthy breakfast using Mudakathan Keerai or balloon vine leaves Today’s recipe is a dosa made with Mudakathan Keerai or Balloon Vine leaves. These greens are very popular in Tamil Nadu and is known to have several medicinal properties. Mudakathan Keerai is best known to relieve joint pain and … Read moreMudakathan Keerai Dosa | Balloon Vine Leaves Dosa


Rava Adai – Protein Rich Breakfast

rava adai

Rava Adai Recipe: If you would love to skip the introduction and go to the recipe directly, click below Go directly to the Recipe Most of us keep searching for recipes to make for breakfast or dinner. The usual idli, dosa,poori and pongal will leave us bored at one point of time and all that … Read moreRava Adai – Protein Rich Breakfast

How to make soft idlis – Tips and tricks

how to make soft idlis

How to make soft idlis? I am sure Idli is one of the most common and healthiest breakfast item all over south india. It is a regular breakfast item in our household. Hence, idli batter grinding is a regular every week. My son loves idlis and dosas and he expects to have idlis everyday.How to … Read moreHow to make soft idlis – Tips and tricks


Carrot Aval Kozhukattai/Carrot Poha Dumplings

aval kozhukattai

Carrot Aval Kozhukattai: Today’s recipe will be a tiffin/snack recipe made with the healthy Aval or Poha as the main ingredient. This recipe is inspired from the recipe at Recipe here¬†). These aval kozhukattais are very easy to make, healthy because they are steamed and an extra dose of health added to the recipe … Read moreCarrot Aval Kozhukattai/Carrot Poha Dumplings

Sago/Sabudana/Javvarisi Upma

sago upma

Sago/Sabudana/Javvarisi Upma:¬†Hope you guys enjoyed the previous recipe of Bisibelabath from my mother’s cookbook. If you missed the recipe of Bisibelabath, click here. Today’s recipe will be the south indian version of Sabudhana Khichdi. This recipe of sago or sabudana/Javvarisi Upma is also my mother’s recipe and I totally love this. This sabudana Upma is … Read moreSago/Sabudana/Javvarisi Upma

Sweet Corn Dosa – Instant and without normal Dosa batter

Sweet Corn Dosa that is instant and without the need to have normal Dosa batter – sounds interesting? Yes, then read on. This recipe of sweet corn Dosa is an easy peasy one without the need for grinding any batter or fermentation of any sort. Uses just 4 main ingredients and it is done. I … Read moreSweet Corn Dosa – Instant and without normal Dosa batter


Curry Leaf Idli | Karuvepillai Idli | Kadi Patha ki Idli

Curry leaf idli

Curry Leaf Idli: Hope you guys liked my previous mushroom gravy recipe. Todays recipe will be an easy and healthy idli recipe from my mother in law’s cookbook. It is the yummy curry leaf idli/ Karuvepillai Idli. She is someone who makes a lot of different idlis like Kambu/Bajra Idli, Tuvar Dal idli, kanchipuram idli … Read moreCurry Leaf Idli | Karuvepillai Idli | Kadi Patha ki Idli