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Vazhaithandu Poriyal 0

Vazhaithandu Poriyal |Banana Stem Stir Fry

Vazhaithandu Poriyal | Banana Stem Stir Fry: That will be the recipe for today. If you are someone who prefers some health...

dry chana 6

Dry Chana | Dry Chole

Dry Chana | Dry Chole Recipe: A quick, simple and yummy chickpea or chana dish made with a mixture of dry spice...

aloo gobi masala 0

Aloo Gobi Masala – Easy Curry for Rotis and Rice

Aloo Gobi Masala: When I hear the phrase “Match made in heaven”, yummy combination in food is something that comes to my...

stuffed brinjal final

Stuffed Brinjal/Bharwan Baingan

Go to Recipe Raise your hands if you are a brinjal lover and in specific, if you love Stuffed Brinjal, then stay...

Bhindi Fry

How to make non sticky Bhindi Fry/Okra Fry?

Tips and tricks on how to make non sticky Bhindi Fry/Okra Fry: Hello readers, Been long since I posted a recipe on...

ridge gourd stir fry

Ridge Gourd Stir Fry (Beerakaya/Peerkangai/Turai Stir Fry)

Ridge Gourd Stir Fry (Beerakaya/Peerkangai/Turai Stir Fry) Some of you might want to go directly to the Ridge Gourd Stir Fry recipe...

cauliflower roast 0

Cauliflower Roast 2

Cauliflower Roast 2: Confused on reading the 2 in the title. Well, this is a variation to an already posted Cauliflower Roast...

Cauliflower Fry – hot and spicy

Cauliflower Fry – That will be the recipe for the day. I have already posted a cauliflower-roast recipe on the blog here....

Brinjal Fry 2

Brinjal Fry/Baingan Fry/Vankaya Fry

Hello readers, I hope all of you are doing very well. Today’s recipe will be a very simple Brinjal Fry|Vankaya Fry|Kathirikai Varuval|Baingan...

Dry Chana Masala

Chana Masala Dry

Chana Masala Dry: That will be the recipe for today. I have already posted a gravy version of channa masala. However, this...

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