Almond Chia Tea Cake (Eggless) : GUEST POST BY SUBALAKSMI SUNDAR

I am back with an amazing guest recipe for the day from the very sweet Subalakshmi Sundar. She has given me an awesome Almond Chia Tea cake recipe with some absolutely fantastic images. I am an insta obsessed person and when I was browsing through some exceptional profiles, I came across her pictures and I should say I was and I am thoroughly impressed. Subalakshmi is an exceptional food photographer and her delicious pictures do the talking. Not only that, she is very sweet and as soon as I asked her for a guest recipe, she did not even give it a second thought and immediately agreed to give me one. Please do follow her on her instagram handle @thepetitbite. You can also click on the below button to view her instagram profile. I can certainly guarantee you deliciousness 🙂 Thanks Subalakshmi for this outstanding recipe. I hope my readers will love it 🙂

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Over to Subalakshmi Sundar now:

Being new to the whole food blogging, recipe sharing world I was apprehensive how it would be received. I mean it literally is a drop in the ocean of food blogging. Such talented people and so many recipes, that finding a niche can be hard. Let’s be honest, no one needs another Paneer Butter Masala recipe. The love for food photography and food styling kept nagging inside my head, one day I decided I am going to do this. Started with Instagram a few months back sharing photos and recipes and enjoying it to the hilt. What I was blown away by is the food blogging community. Inspiring work, kind with their encouragement and generous with their knowledge. Like Gouthami from CLICKSNBITES, without the slightest hesitation that I am new comer, gave me an opportunity to do a guest post. If there is one thing I am grateful for, its the friends I have made here and the community with similar interests that I have found.

We are four of us at home. Husband, me and two young kids, like most cases these days. So most of my recipes are quick, with ingredients in the house or easily available in the market and most importantly small batch. I hate waste. So the recipes are usually made to yield one small cake, 8 to 10 cookies, or 4 small burgers. Of course the recipe can be doubled to suit your requirement and it would still work. As far as baking goes, I try to keep them eggless because most of my extended family do not eat them even in cakes and cookies. The recipes I like to create are modern indian, which is to say, it is for people who like to explore different flavours and give a new twist to an everyday ingredient.

Which brings me to this cake, its less than ten ingredients and its the perfect dessert cake to be served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and a drizzle of Maple syrup. Its dense (think pound cake dense), moist and soft with a perfect crumb. I have added Chia seeds for two reasons: a healthy addition and also a substitute for egg. I guarantee you will have people requesting for the recipe or for you to make it over and over again. I truly hope you enjoy the recipe.

almond chia tea cake


90g Almond Powder (1 cup minus 2 tbsp)
1/2 cup All Purpose Flour
1/2 cup castor sugar
1/2 cup (113g) butter, melted and cooled slightly
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup yoghurt
1 tbsp. chia seeds soaked in 3 tbsp. water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt

almond chia tea cake 2


1. Preheat oven to 170C. Grease and flour a 7″ round baking tin.
2. In a bowl add almond powder, flour, castor sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt and set aside.
3. In another bowl whisk melted butter, Yoghurt, chia seed mixture and vanilla till frothy and light.
4. Combine the wet with the dry and fold till fully mixed through. Pour into prepared tin and top with some flaked almonds if desired and bake for 20 – 25 mins.
5. Allow to cool completely before removing from tin and serving.

1. If you don’t have almond powder at hand, grind whole almonds with a tsp of sugar till fine
2. This cake can be made ahead of time, and frozen. cling wrap and store in an airtight container. Thaw in the microwave till soft.
3. Castor Sugar can be replaced with brown sugar or coconut sugar.
4. This cake can also be baked with whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour though the texture will be a little more dense.

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