Monthly Archive: August 2018

Chow Chow Peel thogayal

Chayote /Chow Chow Peel Thogayal/Thuvayal

Today’s recipe would be Chow chow peel thogayal, a healthy chutney from South india made out of chow chow/chayote peels. This chutney is a thick variation of the usual chutneys and hence named as thogayal or thuvayal. This chayote peel thogayal is an extremely delicious and nutritious recipe that makes...

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich: Yes, you heard it right. That is the recipe of the day. Chocolate and cheese is bliss. Wouldn’t all of you agree to that? I am sure I get a loud yes. Chocolate and cheese are two of my favorite ingredients that I can die for. After...

chocolate oats milkshake

Chocolate Oats Milkshake

What do you do when you have a very bad craving of having something chocolaty? Either, eat chocolates or make something chocolatey. I have been gobbling down many chocolates everyday and today, the craving led me to make something refreshing to drink and hence, here it is : Chocolate Oats...

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