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Palak Sambar Recipe – for idlis, dosas or rice!!

Hello friends, I hope all of you liked my previous recipe for Eggless Whole Wheat Jaggery cake. If you did not get a chance to have a look at it, click here to head on to the recipe. It is a very simple and healthy recipe that needs to be...


Sundakkai/Turkey Berry Kuzhambu – a great match for your idlis and dosas

Phew!!! Been such a long time since I posted a recipe on the blog. Sorry to have kept you waiting guys. Juggling between home and work and its pretty tough to find time to post. Wish I had 28 hrs in a day. Ok no more ranting. Let me move...

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Raw Mango Dal/Mamidikaya Pappu – straight from Andhra :)

Well, summer has already begun. I am not sure about other parts of India but summer has surely started in Chennai. It is super hot these days. However, one good thing about summer is the availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Watermelons, tender coconut, cucumbers and oh wait!! I forgot...

Masoor Dal Fry – yummy!! 1

Masoor Dal Fry – yummy!!

Started to cook masoor dal only recently. And we loved the taste at the very first attempt. This is a very very simple recipe that can be done in a jiffy. It tastes great with jeera rice, pulao and rotis. This uses easily available ingredients at home and can be...

Lemony Cabbage Dal – Tangy and yummy :) 2

Lemony Cabbage Dal – Tangy and yummy :)

This is something that my mom prepares often. Simplest of the simple I would say. It tastes great neverthless 🙂 It is authentically called Cabbage Pullanga Pappu at home. Couldn’t find a better translation, so named it ‘Lemony Cabbage Dal’. As I already said, this is so simple that it...

Snake Gourd in Masoor Dhal – absolutely comforting n simple! 0

Snake Gourd in Masoor Dhal – absolutely comforting n simple!

Was down with cold and fever last week. So am back now. What else can be more comforting than a simple dhal mixed with hot rice and ghee! Here comes my dhal recipe which has snake gourd in it. I used masoor dhal as against the normal tuvar dal or...

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