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Crispy potato fry with tips and tricks

Today’s post is the recipe for crispy potato fry which is a perfect match for my previous Palak Sambar recipe. Yes, I am going to tell you the secret to make the perfect crispy potato fry. I know potato fry is one of the favourite dishes of Indians and crispy potato...

Potato Wedges 0

Baked Potato Wedges – No one can eat jus one!!!

Here comes the recipe for Baked Potato Wedges.I am tired of mentioning my love for potatoes but I never get tired of consuming them. Give me potatoes and I can just eat them for all 3 meals. Such is the versatility of these humble little darlings. I make potato stir...


Potato Paneer Balls – perfect starter!!!

I love starters. Specially tikkis and cutlets kind of starters. I made these for my kiddo last week with whatever was available at home that day. These turned out great. Crispy on the outside and soft and melting inside, these were an instant hit at home. Absolutely simple to make...

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