Baked Potato Wedges – No one can eat jus one!!!

Here comes the recipe for Baked Potato Wedges.I am tired of mentioning my love for potatoes but I never get tired of consuming them. Give me potatoes and I can just eat them for all 3 meals. Such is the versatility of these humble little darlings. I make potato stir fry usually for my son […]

Potato Paneer Balls – perfect starter!!!

I love starters. Specially tikkis and cutlets kind of starters. I made these for my kiddo last week with whatever was available at home that day. These turned out great. Crispy on the outside and soft and melting inside, these were an instant hit at home. Absolutely simple to make however super tasty and the […]

Potato Peanut Milk Curry – you will love it!!

I have been mentioning this again and again on the blog – I LOVE POTATOES. Period. These veggies are so yummy that I can consume them in an form. Even plain boiled potatoes would do. I wanted to try out a different potato curry today and so used peanuts and milk. Result was super yummy […]

Almond Potato Curry | Potatoes tossed with almond powder

Today was an experiment day in my kitchen. Potato is my favourite vegetable and I can consume it in any form. After I started blogging, I have started experimenting a lot and this potato curry recipe is one such experiment. Do not worry 😉 It was a success indeed.  This is a very simple recipe […]

Baby Potato Masala – very very simple!!

I am a huge huge fan of potatoes and I am sure most of you would be like me. I can just die for baby potatoes. They are a feast for the eyes and palate. This recipe is very very simple and anybody just starting to cook can try this. I bet you will love […]


Potatoes – the most favorite vegetable all over the world!! If you are someone like me who can eat potatoes anytime of the day or all over the day, then check out these 5 easy and super interesting recipes using this starchy wonder 🙂  

Cashew Potato Gravy – Rich and yummy!!

Sunday lunches always turn out to be something special as against the usual sambar or poriyal stuff. Me and hubby generally like pulaos and some gravy accompaniment. So, today’s menu was Peas Pulao with the rich, yummy, tangy, all-time favourite Potato Gravy. We had a scrumptious lunch and now after some dozing off, posting the […]

Potato Masala – Perfect match for pooris :)

Am sure many of us love this combination – Poori with potato masala. Who would say no to this excellent combo?? Atleast I wouldn’t. This used to be the Sunday breakfast menu mostly during my childhood and I would keep licking the masala from the plate. Now off to the yummilicious recipe. Serves: 2 Preparation […]

Microwaved Potato Chops

Potatoes – those are the veggies that I can die for. just love them!! And I know a lot many are like me. Satisfy your appetite with this easy potato chops recipe. Cuddle the potatoes with the masalas, lock them in the microwave and tada, your chops are ready in 10 mins. Ingredients: Potatoes – […]

Potatoes n Eggs – Who doesn’t like these??Potato Open Sandwiches just for you!!!

Okay, so the saying goes like this ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. You might be wondering what this saying has to do with this recipe. Let me explain. I had some leftover potatoes and fresh cream in my pantry. Was wondering what to do with those. Then came the idea!! Potato sandwiches with scrambled […]