Almond Potato Curry | Potatoes tossed with almond powder

Today was an experiment day in my kitchen. Potato is my favourite vegetable and I can consume it in any form. After I started blogging, I have started experimenting a lot and this potato curry recipe is one such experiment. Do not worry 😉 It was a success indeed.  This is a very simple recipe […]

Almond Omelette Gravy | Rich and Simple

I love eggs in any form – boiled, scrambled or in the form of an omelette. Same goes with hubby too. So, what would you do when you see half a dozen eggs lying in your fridge and waiting to be gobbled up? I definitely wanted to try something different.  I had always wanted to […]

Almond Paneer Capsicum Curry – experimental success!!

I always keep experimenting in my kitchen and come up with some interesting recipe. Specially when I get bored of the usual stuff, I put on the experimenting hat. Today was one such day! Phew, really bored with the usual sabji that is made with capsicum. So, made the usual one with half of the […]

GUEST RECIPE – Almond Burfi – melts away in your mouth!!!!!

Back with a guest post after a long time. Had been to my relatives house for Diwali when I tasted this sinfully delicious burfi/fudge made of almonds. Requested for the recipe and here it is. Thanks to Mrs. Latha Sivakumar for this droolicious sweet recipe. Yield: 40 pieces Time: 30 minutes Ingredients: Almonds – 1 cup […]

Almond Raisin Chutney for idlis,dosas,pongal etc..

Does the word Chutney remind you of the usual Coconut chutney or tomato chutney?? Time to change!! I had already posted a recipe of Apple Chutney. Now is the turn to make some nutty chutney – No not coconut but almonds…Got the basic idea from my co-sister. Almond is to be used in place of coconut […]

How to make Sweet Corn Gravy with just 1 tsp of oil?

The post title is more than enough to convey that this recipe uses very little oil. For all the health conscious foodies out there, this should be a blessing in disguise. Isn’t it? This is a simple Sweet corn gravy recipe that uses just 1 tsp of oil. I have used cashews and fresh cream […]

Rusk and Milk Powder Halwa

Desserts on the blog are a rare phenomenon. I somehow have not posted many recipes in that category so far. I love sweets though. So, here comes a yummy Halwa recipe made with rusk – Rusk and Milk Powder Halwa. I wanted to somehow use up the rusk and milk powder lying in my kitchen […]

Channa Masala/ Chole Masala – Evergreen Recipe!!

Chole Batura – mmmm…the word by itself makes me drool. That is my all time favorite combo and on the top of my order list whenever I eat out. I have grown up eating this yummy Channa Masala along with super hot pooris from mom’s kitchen. How can I forget those wonderful Sundays?? Perfect bliss […]

Capsicum Egg Bhurji/ Capsicum Egg Podimas – Indian Version of Scrambled Egg

I really do not know if this is a mere coincidence or something. My last post was also an egg based one(Almond Omelette Gravy) and this one too 🙂 So much is my love for eggs. When you can make something super simple in a jiffy, why would you think of making something elaborate and […]

Familiar with Shahi Paneer??? Yes…What about Shahi Semiya(vermicelli) then!!!

The other day, when I was browsing through my facebook groups, I came across a lot of posts on Thayir Semiya(aka curd semiya). Was wondering how do I make something on similar lines but quite different. Eureka!! Then came this idea of making Semiya Upma , the shahi style. Yes you read it right!! It […]